• Family Therapy

    Family therapy is one of the most effective ways to help your family heal any ongoing relationship and day to day issues that are occurring in your family. This type of therapy will include all family members, and sessions may occur individually with one family member, dyadically with a couple family members, and if relevant/applicable – may occur as a whole family. Individual goals are set for each family member. Any relationships in the family unit that needs additional support will be targeted (parent-child, sibling, etc.). The goal is to help the original family unit to heal, and then to move forward into a more successful healthy family unit. This is an intensive therapy process since individual and family goals are targeted. Intensive family weekends are also offered for families who are seeking a more efficient way to make progress in their family.

  • Parenting Coaching

    Our clinicians will work with you to directly address any parenting issues/concerns that have been presented. This clinical service generally includes clinical interviews with each parent, calls with any other professionals, a review of any background materials (if relevant), and direct work with the parent to improve parenting concerns. At the time of intake, it will be decided if children will be included in the parent coaching. If they are, a clinician will generally travel to your home to conduct parent-child sessions. There is a strong attachment focus to parent coaching services.

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

    If a parent-child relationship is struggling, our clinicians will work with the parent and child individually and dyadically to reduce any ongoing issues, and to help improve the overall relationship. An attachment focus is used to help improve the quality of the relationship.